Amanda started this school year struggling with her grades. Her school counselor, Mrs. Sorenson, recommended a program called Strive. The Rotary Club sponsers the program which pairs struggling students with a mentor. That mentor is usually someone working in the community in the field that the student is interested in pursuing. Amanda had to attend monthly meetings at school with her mentor, attend a rotary club meeting and various other things. Amanda decided to do it. At the first meeting she learned that not only did she get an award for attending all the meetings, but that they offered scholarship money to some of the students. The student with the biggest GPA improvement would receive a $2000 scholarship. Amanda worked incredibly hard. Starting out with a GPA of 1.9 to that of a 4.0. She attended ever meeting and was chosen to receive the top award. Her mentor was wonderful. Her name is Janelle. Amanda and her had an immediate conncetion. The match was perfect and it turned out that Janelle used to live just 2 doors down from us. We had met her once but neither Amanda or Janelle remembered that. Amanda came home from many meetings or luncheon talking about Janelle and how well they got along. Kismet. We attended the banquet held for the kids and their families and mentors. Only then did we find out that Amanda had to give a thank-you speech. We whipped something together and I recorded a bit of it. It is at the link along with some photos.


~ by mamadubs on April 26, 2006.

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