American Idol week 10

I had a hard time getting into this week’s show. I admit, it was a bummer that Ace was not there. I have gotten the chance to see him this week on Ellen and Live! with Regis and Kelly. I hope to be hearing more from him in the near future.
I watched the show late last night and barely had any opinions. Can you imagine???haha

Katherine, I thought she looked great and sounded great. I did not agree with the judges at all. At this point I am just a little curious about their comments. It is definitely possible for the judges to sway the public one way or another, I just expect more out of the people watching this show. I make my decisions on what I think and I hear, after all this is going to be America’s Idol, the people-not the judges.
Elliott, amazing. He reminds me so much of my nephew Alan. I like Elliott. Good job.
Kellie, ………….. I sit dumbfounded. What’s to say? She sucked.
Paris, tired of her. I don’t care for how she sings really, or the way she pronounces words. I can’t but my finger on it, but I don’t like it.
Taylor, I was looking forward to hearing him as I usually do. A little dull till the middle and then he put his usual spin on the song and I liked it. And yes, I am still disagreeing with the judges. What the heck is Paula on tonight?
Lastly Chris. I enjoyed watching the footage of his song. Little quirky on the floor, but whatever it takes. I can definitely hear the difference in him when he sings from his diaphragm or when he is just screaming. The song starts out from the diaphragm switches to his throat and then back. Absolutely much better when he has the control of the diaphragm. He needs to keep using it. Anyone can scream their lungs out and a song or two it sounds okay, but after a while it’s tiring. By the way, the reason for Ace’s change in hair and clothes…. his parents and grandparents were in the audience and he wanted to dress up for them. sweet

Katherine 9
Elliott 9.5
Kellie 6.5
Paris 7.5
Taylor 8.25
Chris 8.75

Kellie, Paris and Taylor in the bottom three. Kellie on her way out. If not, I’ll scream!


~ by mamadubs on April 25, 2006.

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