When It Rains, It Pours

Easter day we found our roof leaking into our front closet. Later that day we noticed the bathroom off the garage also had some leaking but worse. The sheet rock on the ceiling was warped and wet. Jeri’s finger went right through it. So now we have a hole that leaks whenever the main bathroom sink is used. Tomorrow we are calling a plumber. ServePro came in to tell us that the mold in that room is severe as well as the front closet. Graduation is just around the corner and we sit with many updates needed to be completed…

No more time to sluffing, got to get started.

Prom is also next weekend and we still have to drive to Mall of America to pick up her garter we ordered, pick a hair style, order flowers and decide on where to take pictures.

Girl Scouts tomorrow and I can’t miss that or my sister will kill me. We also need to bring some burnable items to the farm when we go and bury our hamster Star.

Garrett and Arielle are here tomorrow, and I need to pick up and store Arielle’s pizza’s here. That is the easy part.

The foundation of the house still needs to be painted, but tomorrow it will rain.

The lawn needs fertilizer and sod planted to replace what little grass we had before winter. We need to level out the yard and fill in dirt there as well as the flower garden and top it off with bark. I need to buy some flowers as well as my mother’s day flowers for my aunts. I look forward to visiting with them.

I am making two CD’s for my cousin that must be complete before Mom’s day.

The front room needs painting, the back room needs new wallpaper. My main bathroom needs the ceiling re-mudded and then the new wallpaper hung. Carpet still need another cleaning and then probably some throw rugs to be purchased as well.

I need to finish sending the pictures of Amanda to the company making the DVD of all her pictures.

Supplies still need to be bought for the graduation party. And invitations either made or ordered.

This month is full of events ending and ceremonies for the things Amanda has accomplished this year. All this and I haven’t even mentioned the things my boys are involved in and need parental guidance.

Ahhhhh… I’m already overwhelmed. Time to make a list. Calgon take me away……………….


~ by mamadubs on April 22, 2006.

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