AI week 9 results

Ryan tells us the critics are saying last nights show was the best. Whether that was this season or ever I beg to differ. As he proceeds to put the seven contestants in two different groups. Elliott, Kellie, & Katherine in one group. Ace, Paris, & Chris in the 2nd group. Taylor is told he is safe. The second group is the bottom three. I can NOT believe that Kellie safe. Paris is given the good word that she is safe. I know at this point it will be Ace. I am a bit surprised as I thought his fan base would put him through. But as I said last night, Kellie and her humility would be her saving grace. Ace had to leave at some point and I believe we will see him again. And I am not referring to the tour. I do plan to go, hopefully Aleck will go with me. I have always wanted to attend the concert before. It is not just because of Ace that I’ll go, though I hope he wears one of the shirts with the sleeves cut off. (pant pant)

So we are off to week 10. I don’t care for the themes this year and next week is no exception. Best love songs of all time. Bummer not to have Ace there but life goes on.
As always… it will be interesting.

Ci vediamo la settimana prossima


~ by mamadubs on April 18, 2006.

One Response to “AI week 9 results”

  1. to was shocked, not so much about Ace since I too knew he would be leaving but surly not before Kellie. Can’t believe that dum blonde act is still working so well for her. But Armin said country fans are big and thats what keeps her in. I was a bit nervious for Elliott thought it might be him, and why Paris was in that group blew me away. As for Ace I enjoyed his performance and all though I wasn’t crazy about his hair style I liked that I was able to see his face much better and his eyes didn’t bother me as much. Something to be said for that clean cut look about him. Now sleevless shirt and short hair. HOT-HOT

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