Amanda’s News

Graduation is just around the corner… less than 2 months and so much to do. We are plugging away at minor improvements of our home. Shopping should start taking place soon and before you know it. It will be her first day of college. (tears–darn hormones)
Received great news today. Amanda received a $2500.00 scholarship through her Strive Program. She was the most improved student in the club. She went from mostly C’s to straight A’s! It is incredibly awesome. She worked so hard for that.
Other news… Amanda is soon done with the updates in the basement. This will be her living space to entertain and study or whatever. She has painted, cleaned, moved furniture and even made many of her own purchases. She recently is on the market for a new job. She has already interviewed at Children’s Beginnings. It is the agency she works at through the CAP program at school. The agency asked her to put in an application. She also wants to work some hours at a bar/grill. She went around today submitting applications with Nicole her bud. She wants to work hard this summer because she will be cutting down on work greatly once college starts.
Until the next news bulletin…
A domani


~ by mamadubs on April 17, 2006.

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