I was so excited before the show started tonight. After all, Rod Stewart!! Looked forward to hearing the renditions of the songs we all used to listen to back in the day.

And then the singing started……(heart sinking)
IT SUCKED! I swear I almost fell asleep! Rod is more known for his own classics than the ones he has been singing as of late.
Chris started us off… B..O..R..I..N..G! Wow, that song certainly was no struggle. Didn’t show us anything but that he can sing even the slow songs. Hell, even Poison, KISS & Guns ‘n Roses can pull off singing songs like that, i.e.. ‘ Every Rose Has Its Thorn’, Beth & ‘ November Rain’, respectively. I was so disappointed already in the show.
Paris, just about as boring but she at least showed her range. Personally I am sick of seeing and hearing from Paris. Sorry, hormones are wild today.
Taylor, in the beginning- I actually thought of not even watching the rest of the show. Thank goodness he poured a little of himself into the 2nd half of the song. And I thought, well maybe it’ll be all right. I think the show was more wrong than right. At this point I figured I knew how it would end up.
Elliott would do well, I thought. And he did. Not much of a wow factor and now I am thinking Simon is right. He said early on in the show that tonight was going to be more about personality than talent. If it weren’t for the personality I’d have shut off the show after Chris. I know these songs are classics in every sense of the word. But I believe that is the case because of who originally sang them. Rod was just good at the songs because he was Rod Stewart. I don’t think Kelly Clarkston could record the same albums Rod did and call it successful. Besides, there must be a reason Rod made the comment he is now returning to Rock.
Back with the show,
Kellie was up next. And though she looked amazing, her singing sucked. Plain and simple, bad, bad performance. But if she is spared tomorrow night it will be because of her humility. She knew she was bad and she admitted it. I always appreciate someone who owns up to their actions, for now I’d rather not see her leave. But I am worried for Ace and he hasn’t even sang yet. They show his video clip and I had a sigh of relief that Rod seemed to really like Ace. Maybe he can do this. Ryan says,
Ace Young everybody”….. and without missing a beat, Aleck and I sat forward in our chairs as if trying to figure out who the heck was on stage? OH NOOOOOOO was definitely my first thought. I probably was lucky that I had seen Ace before the hair days so even though it was a shock, it was not a huge one. Aleck hated his hair. In looking at him I decided, it’s not the hair that makes him look good-it’s the face. He sounded great, was incredibly confident, hadn’t seen him that way since the first show. By the end of course he was nervous (that or good acting). He was in tune, not pitchy, sure a slight nasal sound in the middle but between how he sounded and how he looked. I feel pretty good about his performance. But then I am reminded that Katherine is next and that nearly half of the contestants will be in the bottom 3. Thanks for that bulletin Captain Obvious! What can be said about Katherine. She has always been able to dazzle the audience with her smile or her singing or both. As I watch her sing week after week I am amazed that someone can sing like her and make it appear totally effortless. Tonight she superceded all those other nights and completely mesmerized me. A…M…A…Z…I…N…G!!!!!!!!

The scores

Chris 7
Paris 8 (because she has the pipes, as Rod said)
Taylor 8.5
Elliott 8.25
Kellie 6.5
Ace 8.5
Katherine 9.75

Chris, Paris and Kellie in the bottom three and it’s a toss up (for me) who will go, Paris has the talent, Kellie has the personality. I guess I’ll go with Kellie leaving.

A domani


~ by mamadubs on April 17, 2006.

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