American Idol week 8

Is it a full moon?
About 98% of the time, I agree with Simon’s opinion. Tonight, we did not click. A full moon was one of my guesses as to why.

I should start with the fact that my family are huge Queen fans. My first introduction was in 1979. I had just moved to Minnesota from Chicago and with nothing better to do in the small town I was now in, I resorted to a lot, (and I mean A LOT) of television watching. It was then, at the height of ‘ Solid Gold'(now totally embarrassed to admit I was a fan of the show – hey, I was 12 what can I say) that I heard my first Queen song, ‘ Another One Bites The Dust’. I then slowly became introduced to the amazing music of Queen. My husband was already a fan, and when we had kids, they just naturally followed many of the styles we liked. We have many albums and have many favorites. I was crushed when Freddie Mercury died. Between losing someone with so much talent, and the fairly new disease out there called AIDS, the combination of the two was very strange/fascinating to me.
So now for the reason we are sitting here writing/reading this, American Idols were having a Queen week. I knew it would be difficult. Anyone following Freddie Mercury would have a tough time.
With that said… here we go.

Bucky-‘ Fat Bottom Girls’- Great opening to the show, a lot of fun. He was able to countryrock (pretty sure I just made up that word) it out. It sounded like I thought it would, but still liked it.
Ace-‘ We Will Rock You’- Okay, first I have to say I felt uncomfortable with the taped segment with the band and Ace and felt that way for Ace as well as for myself. I wish they would have edited that differently. So as we sit with this ‘sour’ taste in our mouths, and thanks to the editing, doubt in our minds, Ace is introduced. I was disappointed with the song choice. He should have done ‘ Somebody To Love’. But, fingers crossed, I wait, watch and listen with anticipation. Well, he sounds pretty good, looks amazing, and put a little bit of his own spin to it in the middle. I thought he did fairly well. I try not to cloud my judgement with just how hot this guy is(and you have no idea as to how hard that is), so I rewind and listen to it several times before I truly decide to decide. I liked it. Simon didn’t. He thought it a mess. We are not clicking at all… But at this point I hope someone totally sucks so we don’t loose Ace.
Kellie is up, her, she’ll suck. A country girl in a ‘ big city song’, it could happen.
DAMN. She was good. Even a bit better than good. If anyone had watched the show for the first time, they would have had no clue she was a southern belle, well at least until she talked. Aside from that, she did a great job. Didn’t like the lighting in the beginning. I know, I know, trying to recreate the video or Constantine’s performance from last year. But not her best lighting, didn’t like her eyes. Cool leather jacket…
Oh, hey forgot to mention Ace in his leather…. yummy! Where was I? Oh yeah,
Kellie-‘ Bohemian Rhapsody’-couple little pitchy spots but I think she did well, and damn if she isn’t starting to grow on me. The dumb routine, it’s … dare I say it…cute. Yuck, I am now disgusted with myself.
So Chris is up next-‘ Innuendo’- did not like that at all. I couldn’t decide if it was because I really didn’t know the song or if it was just because it was just as I expected it to be and pretty boring to me. I know he is definitely in the running to be the winner, and probably deserves it. I just am not as much of a fan of his genre. A few songs, okay. Every song.. not okay. And what was with the makeup??? I don’t recall noticing eyeliner and mascara on him before. At this rate, next week he’ll come out like Ozzy or Alice Cooper. Anyone having trouble with who they are… one word… goggle.
Katherine-Who Wants To Live Forever- I get her, I totally agree with the song change on her part. She has an incredible voice but I felt she was screaming just a bit in her song. But her talent stands alone.
You know… (I can say this because I’m taken) if Katherine and Ace hooked up, they’d have some amazing looking kids.
Oh great! That’s why Ace did sing my favorite Queen song (my ESP must be slipping, he didn’t get my signals, Elliott did).
Elliot-‘ Somebody To Love’- First two words I hated. I think it had to do with his facial expression. But he pulled it off shortly after that. What I noticed most was the fact that he actually showed emotion in his performance. One thing I think he usually lacks. Very good E.
Taylor is up-This Thing Called Love- perfect choice for him. Fun, his style, his kooky dancing was right on. Not sure what Simon was thinking. He thought Taylor was drunk. I laughed at the missed kick of the microphone
stand, but other than that it was totally Taylor. I was glad he was back. So we are at the end and Paris is closing the show. I don’t even know what song she sang. But I do know I hated it. Yes, she can sing. Sounds of Blackness… new recruit right here. Her grandma sang with them. But singing a Queen song. Nope. Nadda. No way. I think the only time I agreed with Simon tonight was this one. Just plain weird. Hated her hair, hated her clothes. Almost comparable to the Beyonce’ performance of a little girl playing dress up.
I’ll wrap it up now with my scores…
But before listing them I just want to say up front… tonight was very hard for me to judge. I went with my gut feeling, but if I am totally off, I won’t be surprised at all.

Bucky 8.25
Ace 8.5
Kellie 8.75
Chris 8
Katherine 9
Elliott 9
Taylor 9
Paris 7.5

With my scores I would see Ace, Chris and Paris in the bottom 3 and Paris going home. We’ll see tomorrow.


~ by mamadubs on April 11, 2006.

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  1. Hey Bobbie ! Thanks for sending that !! I missed the show. I was out til 10 or so getting groceries. I was bummed that I missed it. I wish Aaron would have taped it for me. I will try and watch tonight. Have a great day !!!! Dana

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