What???? AJ brought home a great report card!

Yesterday was a good day. My normal… get up late, hang with Garrett, Arielle and then Aleck. Amanda comes and goes and AJ, I picked up after school. No workout for him today. I think he was excited about, dare I say it….. his report card!! It was absolutely AWESOME! He has worked so hard this quarter. And it all paid off. He had one C and the rest A’s & B’s! He hasn’t had grades like that since 1st quarter in 6th grade. When going to pick up Arielle from Gage School, AJ went inside to talk to the principle. Mrs. Page was AJ’s assistant principle the last two years in Jr. High. (This year she became principle at Gage Elementary) She was really proud of him. Before the school year is over, she wants to go to lunch with him, as next year she will be working in Minneapolis. I will miss her greatly. She is an outstanding person who I am happy my child and I had the chance to get to know. So AJ came home on the B honor roll, Amanda made the A honor roll, again 4.0 GPA. To top off that good news, my husband came home from grocery shopping with 2 dozen roses for me! Just because… wow. I’m a lucky girl. When we get Aleck’s report card… I”ll fill u in.


~ by mamadubs on April 5, 2006.

One Response to “What???? AJ brought home a great report card!”

  1. WTG AJ and Amanda! šŸ™‚ Roses? Wow!

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