First thought…. yuck! Don’t like the look of Ryan needing to shave. In the light of the news that he is dating one of the desperate housewives, maybe this needing a shave thing is to help him look older.
Now… on to the actual talent of the show.
Taylor “Take Me Home Country Rose”- Too safe, too Karaoke (however you spell it). I rate the singing, not my spelling grammar. Sorry. I would have expected much more out of Taylor. It doesn’t look good.
Mandissa “Any Man of Mine”- Didn’t like it at all. Sounded like she had a little trouble with all the words at the beginning. Poor song choice, and too low for her singing voice. She better be looking over her shoulder if she manages to stay tomorrow night.
Elliott “If Tomorrow Never Comes”- One of my favorite songs, and he did pretty good. I think he needs to show more emotion in his singing, which is what has been said before. He did a bit of a change up at the end and I liked that.
Paris “How Do I Live Without You”- Perfect hair, perfect outfit. I thought she did a great job and had great tone. She sounded a little tough at the beginning but pulled it off well. I felt this was the first time I actually saw her somewhat humbled. She is usually too showy for my likes.
Ace “I Wanna Cry”- Keith Urban song, he’s hot on the charts these days. I was so busy holding my breath hoping he’d do well that I forgot to judge his performance. Half way through I could finally breathe, and that breath had relief in it. For me it was the number 2 or 3 in my favorite performances by him. Father Figure still number one. Yep, and I still watch it everyday. A tiny, tiny pitch flaw near the end, but I think he is definitely saved this week. I always worry when he does his falsetto. I figured out it is the look on his face when doing it that bothers me. I listened to his performance afterwards with my eyes closed. The falsetto sounded perfect. Again, heard the flaw at the same place, during the word cry. But beggars can’t be choosers, and I just want him lasting as long as he can. Finally this week, I am not worried. Did you listen to the words of that song? Being Ryan announced that Ace is now single (except for when he dates me-haha boyfriend #3) I wondered if he picked that song because of the lyrics. I sometimes wonder who writes these little comments at the end that Ryan says. Is it planned or just off the cuff. I actually laughed after Ryan said Ace is now officially single. It was like a last ditch effort to get as many votes as possible. Hope that wasn’t Ace’s idea. Oh… and glad to not see the look at the end this week, good choice to scratch it. On to…
Kellie “Fancy”- heard the song choice and new she’d do it well. I thought she did a great job and I admit in the last couple weeks she definitely has been improving. Thanks Ryan for proving Kellie really is a ‘dumb blonde’ with that interview. I hope she doesn’t end up being the winner. I don’t think that girl would know what to do with stardom, money, career… even with directions. What is it about North Carolina, don’t they have schools there????
Chris was up next, singing “I’m Gonna Love You”- I wanted something different, and I got it. I thought he did a great job with it. Yes, a boring song, but I was looking more at the change in singing style and the singing itself. Awesome job, Chris.
Katherine, no idea what song it was, but she sure makes singing look easy. She is beautiful and an awesome singer. Good job, and she’ll be safe from the bottom 3.
Lastly, Bucky– I was a little surprised he did a more low key song. But I liked it all right. Didn’t catch many of the words, at least at the beginning.

Again, I’m back to the schooling system they have in North Carolina. Hey Bush….. check out that state, will ya? No kid left behind? I think they have implemented No kid going to school! Do something…

So now for the scores……..
Taylor 7
Mandissa 6.5
Elliott 8.25
Paris 8.5
Ace 9.25
Chris 9
Katherine 9.25
Bucky 8.5

My prediction for bottom 3 is Taylor, Mandissa and Elliott. And most likely Mandissa is out.


~ by mamadubs on April 4, 2006.

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