American Idol week 6 results

Well, I can say my mouth fell to the floor when they called Katherine to the bottom 3. I had predicted was Lisa, Kelli and Ace standing alone on stage. So when Katherine was called down, I was shocked, and even more so when she was one of the bottom 2! Well at least I had something right, Lisa was sent home. She’s talented and I am sure we will see her again. I don’t think the amount of votes cast last night was anything to write home about. Ryan usually informs the audience right away when it has been an astounding number. Tonight … nothing. I think that contributed to Kelli being safe and Katherine having a taste of that dreaded bottom 3. I didn’t care much for her performance last night, but I didn’t care for anyone’s really. In fact, dare I say it… I did NOT vote. I have voted every show since the first one of season 2. But I just couldn’t bring myself to doing so last night. No one deserved it.

So, now we find ourselves with our fingers crossed for next week…Country. Oh Lord, what will Ace sing and still pull it off? Any thoughts?


~ by mamadubs on March 29, 2006.

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