American Idol week 6

I should tell you, this is the first judging I am publishing. This year when AI started. I began keeping track of each singer and I then gave them a score between 0 and 10. My prediction was that the singers with the lowest scores by be would be in the bottom three. I was right on each week, and one week slightly off but still my bottom scorer was eliminated. So in starting this blog, I thought, why not publish my judging, if not for anyone else to read, for my own amusement.
Tonight was my first for actually writing my thoughts on each performance. I would begin with as soon as I saw them and most of my opinion was finished by the time the song was over or at least Randy was done. Keep that in mind when reading my assessments.
American Idol week 6 aka sucky week. Wow! And I thought the Stevie Wonder week sucked. Well I guess we’ll get started, the sooner I start, the sooner I’ll finish.

First up… Lisa Tucker: “Because of you”. We know she can sing but it was too pitchy. She just did not bring it tonight. This could be the week for her to go. I think what they hear in the venue they are in sounds good. But I think it is true, when they watch it on TV they may think differently. In saying that I felt bad for Lisa as she was so excited with her performance and it just wasn’t there. Simon was right in his judgement and she also didn’t do any better than an average high schooler. Next….
Kelli: “Suds in a Bucket”. OUCH! was my first thought. She did improve but I think she has trouble with those low notes. She seemed a bit detached tonight. And stop already with ‘cutsie’ crap.
Here is a thought for all the contestants… Stop picking songs just because you like them or can relate in your real life. The only exception to that rule is if you can blow us away with the excellence of your performance. Which now takes me to Ace: “Drops of Jupiter”. OH… each week I hope, hope, hope that Ace will give us something as good and hot as “Father Figure”. Again I was disappointed, tonight Ace was not great. Didn’t get the song choice. (Ace, ready my comment above). I think he is lucky Kelli sucked so much, but…. I think he’ll be one of the bottom 3. It hurts me to say that as Ace is my favorite, so whoever may be listening from up above…. help him. Now Taylor: “Trouble”. First thought in seeing him… Taylor in leather– that’s just not right. I’d say he redeemed himself somewhat from last week. He certainly didn’t resemble Steve Martin in the Jerk again. He should be safe from the bottom 3, but wish his song had a little more energy in it. Hopefully that won’t hurt him any. Next up, Mandisa: “Wanna Praise You”I know she has one incredibly powerful voice. But tonight something was a bit off starting with the first verse. I don’t know if she was sharp or what. I love Mandisa, but didn’t care for her choice of song. Kudos for bringing in an aspect of Christ, but not sure we were ready for that as viewers. Of course this is strictly my opinion (and Simon’s it appears), hell, maybe it is all because of my lack of the knowledge of Christian songs, and YES I do know some. Chris: “What If”. Obviously we can’t start with his performance as he didn’t. Chris first gave mention to the band ‘Live’. Much controversy about last weeks performance of ‘I Walk the Line’. Tho loved, much of us were unaware that it had been recorded in that exact style already. And here I thought this was all Chris. Well, back to the business at hand, week 6…. I thought Chris’ performance was good but it’s the same as most of his others. Yes Randy, we can tell this is the kind of music he would record but I want to see something new. Something different. I said that before Simon did.. just to let you know. Katherine: “The Voice Within”. Not my favorite of her’s, in fact, I think my friend’s daughter sings it better. Still Katherine will get a record deal no matter where she places in this contest. Bucky: “Real Good Man”. Love this song by Tim McGraw and actually quite enjoyed it when Bucky sings it. It was nice to see him get into the song. I usually don’t care for Bucky. Poor guy, not his fault really. But when I listen to him talk I cringe. He just reminds me of someone not so good. But tonight, I liked him. Paris: “Work it Out”. Another one of my not so favorite. But at this point in the show, I was hoping for some actual entertainment. She entertained, that’s for sure. She looked like a contestant in a talent show in a high school. Her hair, oh YUCK! And the dancing and jewelry and clothes, I actually found myself strictly watching her instead of listening to her sing. It was all to distracting from the singing we know she can do. Sad really. Lastly, Elliott: ” I don’t wanna be”. Uh oh, was my thinking, especially since Bo Bice blew us away with that same song just last season. I have to admit, it was different and after all that is what is wanted. But still wished for some things to not be. 1 is the bouncing up and down, not attractive really, and it made him sound out of breath. He has the vocals, but still on the side of boring. Maybe that is what the bouncing was all about.
So, here are the scores I gave. Check out tomorrow to see if I am at all close or just out of my mind.

Lisa 6.5
Kelli 7.0
Ace 7.5
Taylor 8.5
Mandisa 8.0
Chris 8.25
Katherine 8.25
Bucky 8.75
Paris 8.0
Elliott 8.5


~ by mamadubs on March 28, 2006.

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