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I can’t have a blog about things I am interested and not mention the Dog Whisperer, Ceaser Milan. He is an awesome dog psychologist/human trainer. You can find his show on the National Geographic channel. I have watched this show since last season when I ran across the show at about 2am. (I’m nocturnal) He had my interest because I own a small dog (among others) and here he was dealing with the behavior of a Chihuahua. I was AMAZED! I watched every show since then and was so happy to see Ceaser’s own web page for the dog center he owns. I have since used the techniques he shows on my smallest dog (figured it would be easiest… it was) and mastered the dog walk. Hanna is doing well and Carter is next, then Andie. One of the other rules Ceaser requires us to do to have control of our dogs. To let our dog know that the “human is the pack leader”. Just looking at my dogs’ behavior I can tell who knows I am the pack leader and which ones don’t. And sorry hunny, but none of them considers my husband a pack leader. So now onto a lot of work and dedication, so I am on my way to having well behaved dogs. If Ceaser can have a pack of over 40 dogs and control each and every one with dog psychology, I can and you can. So dog humans….. check out the show.


~ by mamadubs on March 27, 2006.

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