.Finally… someone in the family with some acting talent. I was so excited for Aleck that he got the speaking part of Bill Sykes in Oliver! for the middle school play. He was in 3 scenes and his character is not very nice. And…. he gets killed! We practiced here, and he had play practice some nights after school. We called most of our family to let them know and invite them to come and see the play. We filled 2 rows. In attendance was myself (Mom), Jeri (Dad), Grandpa Jack & Grandma Carol (paternal grandparents), Aunt Sue (the name explains it’s self), Aunt Toni (my sis), Aunt Anita (my step-sis), Uncle Lane (Anita’s hubby), my nieces and nephew: Cheyenne, Arielle & Garrett, and my other two children, Amanda & AJ. Aleck’s football coach from last fall was there too. Just to see Aleck. Coach Lou is awesome! Aleck did a great job and had a lot of fun. The kids performed all week. Monday to our home elementary school, Tuesday to 6th graders (Aleck’s grade), Wednesday to 7th graders, Thursday to 8th graders, and Friday night for the families and the public. After the final show there was the cast party. All those kids in one house, wow! It was great to see them all have so much fun. I have to admit, during the ovation…. I got a little teary. I know, I am an easy crier… can’t help it.


~ by mamadubs on March 26, 2006.

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