This is my oldest, Amanda

IntroOkay… here is Amanda. Oldest child, only girl. She is 17 yrs old and a senior in high school. Amanda has traveled an interesting road. I’d say Amanda is a unique girl. She is extremely independent and strong minded. No, I don’t know where she got that… hahaAmanda had found herself growing up fairly fast. Her closest and oldest friend is 3 years older than her. During middle school she found herself hanging out with Danny often and meeting the older kids. That introduced her to other older kids and ended up knowing of a not so good crowd. So during middle school she experimented in things not approving to parents. You get my drift…. middle school, have I mentioned I hate middle school? Well on her own Amanda felt that was not the path she wanted to follow. On her own she concerned the little demon. She started working, her grades were so so, but she was making it. I worried so about her, trying my best to influence her to stay clean and get good grades, go to college, get a good job, and so on. She was not at all interested in my opinion, she wanted to do it her way, make her own mistakes. Yes Mom, I know I did that too.As she matured she started a job waitressing. A job she once thought she could do for the rest of her life and be successful. I am sure there are some out there who make incredible money doing exactly that, but parents always want more for their children.Well that alien that came to our house, it’s first visit was with Amanda. Her senior year started with her having the typical ‘senioritis’. “I’m a senior, you can’t tell me what to do.” Shortly after school started when the alien came, he left us ‘ study Amanda’. ‘ Study Amanda’ did just that, study. Almost constantly. She fell into a program that teamed her up with a mentor. The Strive program has been a great gift. About 25 kids work hard at improving their grades. Whoever does the best job get a scholarship to put towards college. Yes, college. Okay, so she made the decision to attend college but was not sure what to major in. She decided to head to Wisconsin and check out the jr. college. She liked it all right, but wasn’t sure. I started doing some research. And it seemed for what Amanda was interested in, some kind of supervisor, Business Administration would suit her. We toured the community college here and then I also found a Christian College that also offered Buis Admin as a major. I figured Amanda would protest, but ‘ alien Amanda’ did not. She wanted to tour it. We did and she loved it. As I speak, we are awaiting word on if she is accepted there. With the college being located in town she can still live at home (saving $$) and still attend. During all this time, I forgot to mention her grades!! As I mentioned before Amanda was studying. Friday nights, weekends, you name it. First quarter, 3.85 GPA. Second quarter 4.0 GPA!!!! We were so happy for her. She had finally come into knowing herself and what she needed to do to accomplish all she wanted. So I know find myself with a mature daughter who doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, she is a sober cab for anyone who needs it, she works as a shift leader at the restaurant, and works at a children’s day care agency as well. She is getting straight A’s, has picked a college and provided she gets accepted with double major in Biblical Studies and Theology AND Business Administration. WOW! The only other thing I’d like to share is that Amanda has had a serious boyfriend for 3+ years. She is very dedicated in whatever she does and can’t wait to see what is next.P.S. The alien mentioned who has yet to be named, seems to keep showing up in my life. Keep a watch out for him.Until next time…


~ by mamadubs on March 24, 2006.

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